Eric Chang

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Senior Director of Technology Strategy at Microsoft Research Asia


Eric Chang is the Senior Director of Technology Strategy at Microsoft Research Asia, where he works on IP portfolio management, starting research themes, and guiding technologies to real world impact. Previously, Eric co-founded Microsoft Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in 2003 where he led teams to develop Office, Windows, and other Microsoft products and started a multidisciplinary incubation team.

Prior to joining Microsoft Research, Eric was one of the founding members of the Research group at Nuance Communications, a pioneer in natural speech interface. While at Nuance, Eric led the development of the world’s first deployed Japanese natural language speech recognition system.

Eric graduated from M.I.T. with Ph.D., Master and Bachelor degrees, all in the field of electrical engineering and computer science. Eric has published in the fields of eHealth, speech processing, and machine learning. He is the author of over 15 granted and pending patents.